12oz Sumatran: “Mandheling” Medium-Light/City Roast


Organic, Direct Trade

Region:  Medan

Varietal:  Ateng, Garundang, Catimor

Process: Wet-hulled

Elevation: 1,000-1,800

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Flavor Notes:  Brown Spice, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut

This Sumatran coffee bean from Medan, an island in Indonesian, is “No… No… NOTORIOUS” for its unsurpassed quality.    Grown in volcanic soil, in a rich and tropical climate.   This Earthy roast will leave you reeling in Chocolate and Hazel-Nutty goodness.  Don’t be fooled, The dark roast is amazing, check it out.  But, this light roast will bring out flavors you didn’t realize were there.  One thing is for sure, This Smooth, Bold, Beautiful Sumatran makes for one amazingly delectable cup of coffee.


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