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It all started with an idea. When opportunity knocked, I ran to the door and did my best to welcome it in!




It all started with an idea.  When opportunity knocked, I ran to the door and did my best to welcome it in!  Not only could I start a Coffee Roasting Company that produces some of the best tasting coffee in California, but if it were to gain traction…  I would be able to help people all over the world!  There is real opportunity to help right now.  The Coffee Roasters of the world can make a real and direct POSITIVE influence in the coffee farmer’s life.  Which would in turn directly affect his/her family, friends, community, and country.  Small acts of compassion have a way of affecting more than some would initially realize. 

Then I was able to get my hands onto a top of the line Sono Fresco Coffee Roaster!  This thing roasts coffee on a bed of hot air (and was made in the USA.)  No ancient rotisserie style drum roasters here!  This machine works in small batches to ensure quality, which in turn, ensures the best possible taste.  A small batch allows us to have complete control over the roast.  With Crowbeard you’d be able to buy Organic and Single Origin, all for a fraction of what our competitors would charge.  

I know we can do better as business owners.  I believe we can provide a superior product, for less than the competition.  All while being able to help and give back, to not only the human community, but the animal one as well.   This thing has only just begun.  I hope you join us for the Journey of a lifetime!  One cup of coffee at a time.

Stephen Crocker



We also have the power to take on Special Orders. Please Call or Email us if you want to take your coffee to the next level, or have any questions!”