About Us

Follow your Dreams


  It all started with an idea.  When opportunity knocked, I ran to the door and did my best to welcome it in!  I may have tripped on my way to said door.  Not only could I start a Coffee Roasting Company that produces some of the best tasting coffee in California.  I could put some of that money made towards all the animals in need out there.  They sure could use our help right now.  The Coffee farmers are also directly benefiting from these Good Importers/Roasters..   Which in turn directly affect his/her family, friends, community, and country.   Small acts of compassion have a way of affecting more than some would initially realize. 

The company really came together when I was able to get my hands onto a top of the line Fluid Air Coffee Roaster. A Sono Fresco!  This thing roasts coffee on a bed of hot air (made in the USA) and roasts some of the best coffee ever made.



Wholesale and Specialty Orders

We would absoulutely love to develop a few relationships in Encinitas, and or the surrounding areas.  Our coffee would be perfect for Bakery’s, Restaurants, Diners, Coffee Shops, and places of that nature.  Please feel free to Call or Email us anytime.  We also can Roast specialty orders.  If you Have Questions, or just want to take your coffee to the next level, give us a call!

                      760-828-8098                            CrowBeardCoffee@Gmail.com