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12oz Sumatran: “Mutu Batak” Light Roast

This coffee has a silky smooth milk chocolate finish.  Quite possibly the most… chocolaty coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.  Local Oompa Loompa, who wishes to remain anonymous,  describes it like “going for a dip in the Chocolate Wonka Pond.”

12oz Colombia: “Risaralda Sugarcane” French Roasted Decaf

This Delectable Decaf is not a coffee to miss. If your into Coffee that is. In the past, If I had to choose between decaf coffee and no coffee, I went with no coffee. There never seemed to be any real flavor or effort made by these companies. Well, I had no clue about this sugarcane washing process. Its magical. Gone are the days of spitting your coffee into the plant next to the coffee table when your friend(Cat) isn’t looking. It would have been rude not to…

Front Image (Right)

12 oz Honduran: "La Paz" Light Roast

This Light roast goes down smooth.  If you don’t like chocolate, like most people.  I’d stay away from this delectable brew.   Right, Chocolate is the worst.  Notes of Citrus will more than likely tag along for the ride.  This is all coming from a coffee bean with unsurpassed quality.  One sip to rule them all!

How it’s Done

There are NO Shortcuts.  We take an altruistic approach to coffee and in all that we do.  We acquire the best possible coffee beans, Directly Traded, and roast them to perfection.  After Mother Nature does the hard part.  We take our coffee beans and place them into our advanced SonoFresco coffee roaster.  Advanced technology is used to keep the beans elevated on a cozy bed of hot air, virtually never touching the cooking surface.  This method is called Fluid Bed Air Roasting.  It brings about and extracts some of the most unique and amazing flavors one can produce.  This method also has significantly less carcinogens than a typical roaster.  Which contributes to a much cleaner, more satisfying cup of coffee.  After the roast is complete, the machine is then able to quickly cool the coffee, which is very important!  The less air and handsy hands getting between you and your coffee cup the Better!

Coffee That Gives Back

Here at CrowBeard, we believe giving back is paramount.  I’ve always been extremely fond of Animals.  That’s why once things get kicked off, Crowbeard will be donating to animal shelters in need.  That, or giving to associations created to help animals in one way or the other.  If you have any ideas?     We would love to hear from you!