How To Wake the Woke...

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Don’t miss out!!  We’re here for you.  That’s the main function of a business.  Free shipping is the very least we can do during these tumultuous times.  Thank you so much for choosing Crowbeard.  Coffee that has been rumored to wake the dead. Allegedly… Allegedly

Why Small Batched???

Try frying 100 eggs at the same time.  Tell me how that compares to your usual 2….  Same concept with coffee.  You dont want people babysitting more children than they can handle… sure, a few at a time is good.  But a 1oo, and one babysitter!?!  Thats child endargerment.  Thats not what were about.   We dont Endanger our beans.  “Rediculous.” Crowbeard wants Quality, THE BEST Coffee.  Controling the roast, molding it to your every desire. mmmmmm