12OZ Brazilian: “Swiss Water Decaf” French Roast


Gone are the days of trying to bite your tongue and drink decaf coffee at the same time.  There are new processes coming to light that are very promising.  Great tasting processes.  Processes that are guaranteed to leave you speechless while drinking… speechless.  They now have a way of stripping away all that caffeine without solvents! This way isn’t leaving you with around 4% of that pesky, no good caffeine.  In fact, The Swiss Water process strips out 99.9% of it.  A truly great tasting decaf here.


Tasting Notes:  Chocolate, Nutty, Heavy Body

Region:  Cerrado (Single Origin)

Varietal:  Various

Grade: 17/18

Process:  Swiss Water

Elevation: 1,200-1,400M


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