12oz Sumatran: “Mutu Batak” Medium Roast



There are a few things that make coffee from Sumatra unique and highly prized by coffee enthusiasts:

  1. Flavor profile: Coffee from Sumatra is known for its full-bodied, rich flavor, with notes of chocolate, earthiness, and sometimes a hint of spice.
  2. Processing method: Sumatran coffee is often processed using the wet-hull method, which involves removing the outer layers of the coffee cherry and then allowing the beans to dry in the sun. This method helps to bring out the distinctive flavors of Sumatran coffee.
  3. Growing conditions: Sumatra is located in the “bean belt,” a region around the equator that is ideal for growing coffee. The combination of rich soil, high altitude, and tropical climate helps to produce high-quality beans.
  4. Sustainability: Many coffee producers in Sumatra are focused on sustainable farming practices, including using organic fertilizers and adopting shade-grown techniques to preserve the natural environment.

Overall, coffee from Sumatra is known for its unique flavor profile and commitment to sustainable farming practices, which makes it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts.

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Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Black Cherry, Molasses, Stone Fruit

Region: Lintong, Sumatra
Varietal:  Ateng, Jember, Garundang, Caturra
Farm: Various Small Shareholders
Process: Wet-Hulled
Altitude: 1,100 – 1,800 MASL



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